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I look alive, but I'm dead inside.

Life hurts, you know? It was bad, then it got better.. but it still hurts. Deep down, it'll always hurt with all I've lost. But to think of all I gained... I'm with Korey again! I'm mostly just tired of people thinking they know who I am but they don't. Thinking that I smoke all day and all night and that's all I do, and it's all a lie. My mind set has been: If people can't accept me for what I do, than they can't accept me period.. and why hang out with people who don't like who you are? I smoke because I like to smoke. It's not a hobby, it's not my form of anti-depressant, it's just something I do for me and it's not even a big deal. Korey and I got back together, and it's been going pretty well. We've gotten a lot closer. I can honestly say that I didn't love him before. I thought it was love, but it was just a strong infatuation. What we have now still isn't "love" love, but it's developing into something like love. I think love takes time, it can take a whole lifetime. Some people look their whole life for love and they still don't find it. It's already second semester, what an experience this year has been. The friends I've lost, new passions, self-discovery, learning from other people, pushing away the people who only bring me down and finally having enough strength to do it all.
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